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Advancing Finance Departments through BI

I’m a huge believer in the power of disruption. Without the thought that perhaps the status quo could be improved upon, the industrial revolution would have never happened. (Along with the countless innovations that followed.)

In business, the power of disruptive thought has been outlined in “The Innovator’s Dilemma” and many

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FDMEE Conditional Map Script Examples

Here are just a few examples of how conditional map scripts can be used in FDMEE.

Example 1

If you need to ignore any lines with amount of $100, and map the rest of the Account members to itself for target…

account = fdmRow.getString("ACCOUNT")

amount = fdmRow.getString("AMOUNT")

if (amount) == 100:

fdmResult = "IGNORE"


fdmResult = account



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FDM / FDMEE ‘Expert’ Technical / Development Support

Do you have a difficult/anomaly type issue that needs attention quickly?

Do you need support for existing custom scripts?

Would you like a direct call to the specialist who can help you?

Let our Q-Experts assist you in your data management issues and be back up and running!

Please use the Contact Us form

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PBCS FDMEE Export To Excel Output Blank

Are you receiving a blank spreadsheet with just headers when you export, let’s say Account dimension to Excel?


If you’re on an on-premise deployment, there’s an Oracle KM article that will resolve this issue for you.

Data Export From FDMEE to Excel Returns Blank Spreadsheet (Doc ID 1919482.1)

But what if you don’t have

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