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Organizations today face many challenges to effectively drive enterprise performance. Finance teams are aiming to proactively report and drive decision making capabilities while also assuring financial data integrity and reliability. Solutions to achieve best in class business transformation and mitigate current process challenges with continued investments in a broad set of technology solutions and capabilities. ​​

Oracle’s suite of analytics and reporting applications deliver effective solutions to link strategic initiatives to the financial and operational plans. With an integrated architecture and common technological platform, our solutions will support a broad set of requirements, allowing companies to focus on more value added activities such as planning for growth, improving stakeholder communication, and driving operational delivery.

From business intelligence to financial and analytic performance management, we work with you to provide the solutions to gain clarity on both long-term vision and short-term execution. Contact us to learn more about best practice solutions that can drive organizational performance and business growth.

Strategic planning, when well orchestrated, formulates a sound vision that allows companies to gain a long-term competitive advantage, differentiate, and create value for its stakeholders. Critical to success and long-term viability, companies must be able to not only perform strategic planning, but also make it an ongoing integrated part of everyday discussions. Achieve this by incorporating long-term planning into more frequent rolling forecasting.

Today’s global economic challenges are creating multiple levels of business planning issues for Finance organizations. The agility of a company is directly impacted by it’s need to consistently plan for changing market conditions, and then frequently adjust and quickly adapt. To add to the challenge, organizations are also required to do more with less, causing them to seek ways to increase the efficiency, accuracy, and timeliness of their processes. Be able to more easily plan for and align both capital and human resources across all levels of business units. Intensify the reach of your Finance capabilities and the depth of the operations plan, with a more agile and lean Finance function.

With growing pressures from regulatory agencies and investment community, 85% of the Fortune 500 companies rely on Oracle EPM solutions to meet their complex and ever changing reporting requirements, while also lowering cost of compliance and delivering a strong level of data quality and integrity. With the appropriate reporting and consolidation solution, leading organization are able to transform their teams from data gatherers to value added analytical business partners. Automate your reporting process and delivery with self-service and interactive capabilities, and turn around your organization’s decision making process with real time information.

A new era of competitive differentiation is determined on how companies are ​using their data to gain valuable insights and shape their strategy. Transforming your team to anlytical business partners will help drive productivity and profitabilty. Perform cost allocation to have more visibility to customer profitability, do what-if analysis at the speed of thought, perform driver-based modeling, obtain granular transactional details with drill-through capabilities, and more. If you are spending 80% data gathering and only 20% analyzing your business, our solutions will reverse this very typical problem.