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Business Intelligence

It’s not just about new reporting tools

The value of an analyst using business intelligence tools is to analyze trends and variances, then provide alternatives to improve business performance. It is a function within organizations that could provide great value to the direction (PROFITS!) of a company. At the same time, it is also one of the most under-utilized areas of business.


Installing a BI solution just to improving reporting is the wrong mindset. Bain and Company reported in a recent infographic how companies are 5 times more likely to make faster decisions than competitors by using analytics. From the top down, organizations must switch their thinking from reporting to analysis. Only then, teams can transform themselves from data gatherers to value added analytical business partners.

Quantum’s advantage is looking at analytics from the business point-of-view. We partner to understand your business needs and analysis requirements. Only then can the right technology and tools be applied to support the enterprise and decision making.

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What-If Analysis

Finance organizations are notorious in asking questions to predict financial outcomes. To be effective, this requires the ability to see results, process it, quantify the impact, track it, then repeat the process, all at the speed of thought.

  • Provide comprehensive decision support to senior management with “what-if” scenarios on the fly and at the speed of thought.
  • Simple querying allows you to slice and dice financial data across years, departments, projects, geographies, and much more.
  • Quickly consolidate your analysis within seconds without having to consolidate manual spreadsheets.

Hyperion Essbase…facilitating insights and analysis at the speed of thought.

Advancing Analytics

Moving from spreadsheets to predictive analytics can’t happen overnight. We will help you make the move by laying out a phased approach to move from reporting to using advanced analytic techniques. There are several benefits from using our short, multi-phased approach.

  • Short bursts of analytic advancements provide quick wins to the business.
  • Greater user adoption by allowing small steps of feature to be deployed at time intervals giving users a chance to adapt to new data analysis methods (makes it better than a big bang approach).
  • Better value of investment in BI as the OBIEE or BICS application will be available more quickly to the line-of-business.

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Transactional Drill-Through

The need to have more readily accessible and real time posted entries from the general ledger when you want it and without any IT support. We provide the fundamental level of granularity in standard charts (general ledger and sub-ledgers) to investigate transactions and address the gap analysis.

  • Be able to analyze your actual operating spend, compare plan variances, and then easily drill into the transactional details to determine the actual cause.
  • View line items such as invoice #, vendor name, posted comments, etc.

​​Transactional data at the tip of your mouse key with Oracle drill-through.